As i was preparing for this week story, i drove past one of the federal university campus not too far from my neighborhood and i remember the adage that says SCHOOL LIFE IS THE BEST. To so many people that has passed through the four walls of the university, polytechnic or college, would always have one or two things to remember about the social life, fun and the gossips that make learning something to remember. So i decided to weave this week column around SOCIAL LIFE IN CAMPUS. Please join me to take a cup of tea as i take you round the good and the ugly social influences in our campuses! Will Be Right Back (BRB).

Welcome back, as it is a common saying that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, an academic environment deprived of social activities will be a replica of prison because learning without being socially inform would impose a complex on the learners to interact socially with other mates in the outside world. as we all know that there is two side to a coin, bringing us to the point that everything that pose to be advantageous also has its disadvantages. without boring you, i would love to highlight some of the reasons why social activities is being included into schools curriculum. (a) Exposure: social activities exposes the students to things and events that happens outside the classrooms or rather the four walls of the school, whereby revealing to them, social and entertainment updates in their immediate environment (b) Talents Developments: it helps an individual to build on their talents, skills and God given abilities. in this regard; it promote self empowerment and expression through social interactions and networking (c)Entertainment: it also help to entertain and ease the pressure in learning environment, and this promote the freedom of expression whereby the students engage in different  games, dance, and various talents display. with the above i believe i am able to bring back history and remind you of your school social life engaged in during the hall week, campus carnival, association party, dinners and likes of it kind. Quickly i will like to digress and conclude on the bad effects social activities can bring upon learners. (a) Addiction: in reverse to the adage that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, i will like to state here that too much of its influences can also distract Jack from learning, and this may affect students performances due to much attention to entertainment and social activities.(b)Bad Influence: in the process of partying with friends, students can get engaged with bad peers and this may lead them into bad habits like smoking, alcohol drinking, pr-marital sex, crimes amongst other bad acts (c) Absence From Lectures- Students can get carried away if proper attention is not paid to the social activities on campus and this could lead to absence from lecture rooms, test class and exam halls.

On this note, i would like to conclude by stating that EVERY SOCIAL ACTIVITIES ON CAMPUS must be able to ease student of the stress in leaning environment without promoting bad influence in the school environment. Join me next week on this page as i take you through the revelation of SOCIAL ACTIVITIES in Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education in Lagos Nigeria. Shalom

BY  Kareem Abiola (Worefa)



12 thoughts on “SOCIAL LIFE IN CAMPUS

  1. Wow!!!!to ma understanding every thing has adantages and disadvantages,also dere is a sayin which says ‘let school pass through u and pass through u,dis article is the best(adekoya biola comfort)

  2. This is really a nice write up,social life on campus is good but when you allow it take too much of your time then it will start affecting your education negatively.Badmus aramide

  3. Social life as really affected the life of the student in tertiary school,and that is the majour problem that we student are facing but we prove ignorance to it,the best thing i belive we can do is to encourage our student to beware of social life activities so not to destroy our future.that all we can do.thanks.awolude toyin…..

  4. I really like this…. Social activities on campus Į̸̸§ one aspect I always feel causes poor academic performance in our institutions but with the enlightements from this article, one can also know the benefits of these social activities not just the effects. Thanks Oku Goodness

  5. Nice write up you got there!
    I would like every youth to work on self because when we do too of a thing it becomes bad.Be social but be wise.mix your education and social life and you will have a successful academic life. AGHEDO PRECIOUS.M.

  6. Nice article,there is a saying that goes like this,all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Social life is good but too much of it affects students academic life negatively. sunday susana

  7. Nice write up,but all the same social life have both positive and negative impact on students life,depending on the one you engage yourself in. abila victoria

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