Permit me to delve a little from the social network scene where with the bulk of blames in respect to students indulgence in such activities has affected LEARNING. The main output in any education is that LEARNING must take place for education to take place for education to be fully completed. When learning doesn’t take place, educational purpose has been bastardized.

Student union plays a vital role in education in which it has inculcated in the student the charisma to be a LEADER in their various works of life. Part of the student union activities in any higher institution of learning is the STUDENT UNION WEEK which is mostly done late or middle of second semester of every session. Most times the student union week last for a whole week this has some varieties to spice it up.

Social activities like fashion parade, most beautiful girl on campus contest, state week\day, and parties\bash to mention few makes student looses focus on their primary objective of been in school; which is to study (Education).

The responsibilities some student falls into make them feel they are capable of managing any situations they find themselves in but most times when they are overwhelmed by such responsibilities (ies) they abuse the sole purpose of education. This now leaves us with an unanswered puzzle. My opinion is that the STUDENT UNION WEEK should focus majorly on “EDU-TAINMENT” if I am permitted to use the word. That is education served in an entertainment manner. MARIA MONTESSORI a great educationist is also of this school of thought; Education and Entertainment. That adds fun to it but on the larger part EDUCATUINAL INTENTIONS are been achieved.





  1. Wonderful brother, the STUDENT UNION WEEK in our various instutions needs to take a new shape, not just PARTIES nor irrelevant varieties which defaces the whole process. I buy into the idea of making the week an EDU-TAINMENT FUNCTION.
    Awolola Olajide O.

  2. Nice write up,you have said it all,student union week have a negative effects on students academic life. Students misses lectures,tests and important meeting during this period. students should try to mix education and social week positively. sunday susana osas

  3. Nice. Write up,my advice to students,students should not put all their focus on social week,they should also concentrate on their education in other to avoid failure. Abila victoria

  4. Thats true,its wil be good if this is employed into the school system(ie. Edu entertainment)its will help the student to focus on their primary objective in schools (education)….kudos 2 u Ajibogun Mayowa Sarah

  5. Social life is very good in expose the students while in a students we have to be specialised.nice article by ibrahim zainab abiola

  6. You are right dimeji, student union week has distracted most of our student…my advice is that we student should focus vividly on what we came to do in school, although, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, but we should make it fifty, fifty….thumbs up dizzy…by Tijani Babatunde

  7. Nice idea Edutainment, it would really be helpful if this could be inculcated in social activites in schools not just party party, there’s more to it than just that. Thanks Kareem Abiola

  8. Student be FOCUS,don’t be carried away by social week,be focus on your Education because social week goes Examination follows.Nice write up Oladimeji .by Olayiwola Olayinka

  9. Bravo brother, so many students are carried away with the student union week. And it affect their academic. Let us work @ the right time. Oshuntokun ayoola. Patrick. e

  10. The collaboration of education and entertainment in social activities in schools would really go a long way in enlightning students more both on entertainment and education. Kudos to you Dimeji by Olayiwole Tobi

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