I have been looking forward to talk about this topic, Nigeria is really facing economical challenges which needs to be corrected. One of the economical problem facing student is “CORRUPTION”


Corruption means any abuse of a position of trust in order to gain on undue advantage, corruption does not involve just people in government, but also people in private and public position. Nigeria is seen as “a head with a totally worn out cap”. Our leaders are very corrupt and unjust. corruption affect education in two ways:

1. Owing to the corruption of our leaders,revenue allocated to the education sector and other sectors of the economy are embezzled,as a result of this,there are no qualified  teachers and good educational facilities in private and government schools were the less privileged and poor citizens enroll their their children which make them lack valuable education,thereby making most of them become hoodlums,street urchins,dropouts and the likes.

2. another way of corruption in the educational system in Nigeria is that students are  ask to take external exams such as WAEC, NECO, JAMB, etc.We see most of students from rich backgrounds who are not capable of passing the exams on their own are assisted by unjust examiners at places were most of the students call “SPECIAL CENTRES”

The education of the students is at risk,such parents keep on telling their children that education is the best legacy without even giving them a taste of sound education.In this kind of situation such children will surely end up with bad habits like armed robbery,prostitution,thugs which destroy their lives and property and put an end to their education.

3.     Another way that corruption is affecting Nigeria is the way lecturers use their position in school to take advantage of female students :failure to lie with them,they wont pass the course until the lecturers leaves the school.Funds sent by the government to build the school,or buy books for library so that they can have better understanding,the head shares the money into two,and one-half,he shares with his co-workers,and the little remaining they use it ti build less standards structures and buy little books.

Many students comes to the exams hall having seen the questions days before the exams and they have already gotten answers to it or having a full answers script just to submit it to the examiners,this is a vivid aspect of educational corruption in Nigeria.

to curb and eventually eradicate corruption,children,youth and adult must be given the power to distinguish “right from wrong”. All schools should  return to the teaching of moral education,to empower children with a spirit of stewardship,while adult exemplary lives,reflecting truth,kindness,dignity of labour, and integrity.

permit me to conclude wit this saying “Thirst for ease of mind,get satisfaction,be please with what you have changed,to arrow and serve our nation”.


1. I.B.Bello imam(2005)War against corruption in Nigeria.

2. The guardian newspaper”EFCC, ICPC, record average.

3. Ajayi,Vincent (2000)Sociology of bribery and corruption in Nigeria




  1. You had said it all .our leaders in any hierarchical should help us eradicate corruption and also students should help’s this that we will have betterment future.
    Written by, jacob enayon s

  2. You are right.This corruption we are talking about, started from our leaders.Even though we want them to provide solutions.It is only God that can help us. Adeleke Ebunoluwa

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